Customs/ Insurance



For Import and Export of cars in many cases Custom documentation is neccesary.

We are able to offer all in solutions for relocation and documentation.

Just ask us about your deal and together we will find the best solution  

As expeditor we work as an independent Logistics intermediate making use of our Custom knowledge and using 3rd parties for the best logistics solutions.

These logistic arrangements are insured as per transporters specialisation, meaning as per AVR ( algemene vervoerscondities ) , CMR conditions for road transport , B/L conditions for Seafreight and Airwaybill conditions for Airfreight.

All together we are an expeditor working under Fenex conditions :

Please note that these insurances are in many cases not covering the total value of your  cargo, therefore a transport insurance is advisable.

In case you would like to insure your cargo please contact us and we are able to advise